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Current Listings, Prices, and Real Estate FAQs

The Beaches (also equally referred to as “The Beach”) is one of the Greater Toronto Area’s most charming neighborhoods. It has an ideal location on the shore of Lake Ontario and plenty of natural attributes to appreciate. The Beaches also maintains a laid-back small town vibe that creates a strong sense of community among residents.

Whether you are looking for the perfect location for a business, discovering an investment property, or falling in love with a dream home, we are here to help. We love Toronto and know we aren’t alone in this. In fact, Toronto has been on the Economist Top 10 Global Livability List for years. We also understand that each area of Toronto has its own unique feel and appeal for a buyer, including The Beaches.

BOB Realty works every day to be the Best Of the Best. Our goal is to use our experience and market insights to provide a smooth and efficient process for our clients.

Current Listings In The Beaches

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Things People Love About The Beaches

  • Livability

    The Beaches is a highly livable area, thanks to a family-friendly atmosphere with great schools and a relaxed attitude. Residents often refer to themselves as “Beachers” and enjoy both the quaint, quirky stores and the cafe culture that is the norm. In the summer, the city is bustling with craft shows, festivals and concerts.

  • Styles of Homes in The Beaches

    There are homes, condos, lofts and commercial properties available in The Beaches. Many of the homes are cottage style or Victorian style homes and some have designations in place to protect their appearance. These homes integrate smoothly with the more modern low rise and mid rise condos that have emerged recently.

  • Average Home Sale Price

    The cost of The Beaches has risen in recent years, and the increasing popularity of the area has resulted in stable prices amid limited supply. Although semi-detached homes are usually above $1 Million, it is possible to find value in The Beaches for those willing to renovate an older home.

  • Easy Commute To Popular Toronto Districts

    The Beaches is closest to Toronto’s financial and commercial district, with a commute time ranging from 25-40 minutes depending on time of day. The 501 Queen streetcar offers a public transportation option for those who wish to make use of their commuting time.

  • Activities

    The lifestyle here is ideal for physical activities as well: the boardwalk spans the entire beach making jogging and walking an easy part of daily routines. For those who prefer to cycle or skate, there’s always the Martin Goodman Trail, which offers some of Toronto’s finest scenery. Kew Gardens Park stretches throughout the neighborhood and residents head there for tennis, dog walking, and picnics. Of course, in the summer the lake and beach provide a myriad of opportunities for enjoying the outdoors.

  • A Great Place for Families & Young Professionals

    Long term residents of the neighborhood are primarily families. The recent growth of apartments and condos has increased the number of young professionals recently as well. Still, the neighborhood caters to a more middle-aged crowd though the demographics are slowly shifting.

  • Public Schools Zoned For The Beaches

    This area boasts some of the best rated schools in the GTA. The Beaches is zoned for the following public schools:
    – Kew Beach (JK – 6)
    – Norway (JK – 6)
    – Williamson Road (JK – 6)
    – Adam Beck (JK – 6)
    – Balmy Beach (JK – 6)
    – Malvern (JK – 6)
    – Beaches Alternative Junior School (JK -6)
    – Courcelette (JK – 8)
    – Blantyre (JK – 8)
    – Glen Ames (7 – 8)

    – Neil McNeil High (All Boys 9 – 12)
    – Notre Dame High (All Girls 9 – 12)
    – St Denis Elementary (JK – 8)

    High School
    – Malvern Collegiate Institute (9 – 12)

FAQs About GTA


Toronto is the largest city in Canada, with a population of just under 3 millions residents and a total of over 6 million for GTA. According to the City of Toronto, approximately half of the city’s population is minority and 45% are non-Canadian born residents. This is part of the reason the city has a reputation for being global as well as metropolitan.



Toronto has a thriving economy highly recognized for business and finance. The city boasts a large number of banks and financial companies, including national offices for Canada’s top 5 biggest financial institutions. Other industries that Toronto is known for include tech, telecommunication, publishing, media and film.

Income and Unemployment

Like the rest of Canada, Toronto has experienced a record low in unemployment rates recently. The city currently has an unemployment rate of 7.2% while the GTA has 6.5% rate. The average income of Toronto is approximately $98,174 while the Toronto region average is $104, 378. (All numbers provided by City of Toronto).


The average selling price in 2018 for Greater Toronto was $763,700. Though the housing market for Canada has dropped in the past year or so, Toronto remains an active (and fairly expensive) market.

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