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Leslieville is an east end Toronto neighborhood that has managed to become incredibly hip and yet remain surprisingly serene. It is a perfect area for singles, couples and young families alike who wish to be near the city but enjoy a village-like feel to life.

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Things People Love About Leslieville

  • Livability

    Leslieville has had a resurgence in recent years and now boasts everything from an upscale gas station to organic grocery markets. It’s become a popular area for artists and those with jobs in creative industries, giving it a reputation for catering to hipsters.

  • Styles of Homes in Leslieville

    Leslieville has a proper mix of quaint shops and cozy homes as well as newer industrial style lofts. The area offers a range of housing options including detached homes and lux condos.

  • Average Home Sale Price

    Condos is Leslieville can still be found in the $350,000 range and homes for under $1,000,000.

  • Easy Commute To Popular Toronto Districts

    Leslieville is a mere hop, skip and jump from downtown Toronto. There is easy access to both bus and subway lines and motorists can make it to town in under 20

  • Activities

    There are a number of hip cafes and eateries in Leslieville, making dining out a popular activity with both residents and tourists alike. There are pubs, martini bars and clubs for those who like a little nightlife and plenty of family-friendly neighborhood events for those with children. Essentially, Leslieville offers a little something for everyone

  • A Great Place for Singles, Couples, and Young Families

    The demographics here are mostly young families, singles or couples who want to live near the city but experience a laid-back community vibe. The area also shows huge support for local businesses and cultural diversity.

  • Schools Zoned For Leslieville

    Leslieville Junior Public School (JK – 6)
    Duke of Connaught Junior and Senior (JK – 8)
    Morse St. Junior Public School (JK – 6)
    Pape Avenue Junior Public School (JK – 6)
    Bruce Public School (Jk – 8)
    St. Joseph Catholic School (JK – 8)
    Roden Public School (JK – 8)
    Catholic Elementary French School Georges-Etienne-Cartier (JK – 8)
    Bowmore Road Junior and Senior Public School (JK – 8)

    First Nations School of Toronto (JK – 12)
    Riverdale CI (9 – 12)
    Danforth C & TI (9-12)

FAQs About GTA


With a population of 2.7 million residents, Toronto is the largest city in Canada. The total for GTA is just over 6 million. Per the City of Toronto, roughly half of the city’s population is minority, while 45% of its population are non-Canadian born residents. For this reason, the city has a reputation of being both metropolitan and global.



Toronto has a thriving economy. It’s well known for it business and finance industries and includes national offices for Canada’s top 5 biggest financial institutions. Other promising industries include telecommunication, tech, media and film and publishing.

Income and Unemployment

In recent years the city has experienced a record low in unemployment rates. Toronto currently has an unemployment rate of 7.2% while the GTA has 6.5% unemployment rate. According to the City of Toronto the average income of Toronto is approximately $98,174 while the Toronto region average is $104, 378.


Average selling price for 2018 in Greater Toronto was $763,700. While Canada’s housing market has dropped in the past year or so, Toronto remains a highly desirable place to live.

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