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Posted by Marcus on February 28, 2019
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Toronto’s uber laid-back, super friendly neighborhood The Beach is arguably its most popular destination for families too.  Considered part of Toronto’s East End, this area is a stellar place for families with kids to explore. Whether coming for the day or looking to a buy a home in The Beach (or Beaches as some reference it), there are loads of activities for families here.

Outdoor Play

Obviously a huge draw and natural resource for families are the beaches themselves. The giant boardwalk makes for great strolling, rollerblading and biking excursions. There are four Blue Flag certified areas for swimming when it’s warm enough and lifeguards are on duty during summer months. Even if you don’t hit the water, you can spend the day playing volleyball, sunbathing or enjoying a lovely picnic on the sand. With little more than a towel and a bucket, families have hours of entertainment available.

When everyone tires of the sand or its just time for a change of scenery, head over to Tommy Thompson Park. You’ll have to bike or walk to this green space as no cars are allowed. Once there though families can enjoy a wide variety of plant life, butterflies and birds.

For parents of smaller children, Kew Gardens is a popular hang out and meet-up destination. That’s because this park is right in the middle of the neighborhood and much-loved for its large castle play structure.

Other remarkable outdoor areas include the Purple Park and Glen Stewart Ravine, where families can pass the time playing outside for hours.

Indoor Play

When it’s time to head indoors, parents can let kids discover the Bizzy Bee Play Center with a playroom, ball center, dress up area and more to fuel kids imaginations and creativity. Another great indoor option is The Beaches Library, who offers lots of programs throughout the year for kids of all ages.

Dining, Shopping and Other Events

Every family in The Beaches heads over to Ed’s Real Scoop for tasty treats of delicious, homemade ice cream and gelato. Considered one of the best in all of Toronto, this ice cream shop is a regular stop for most families during summer months. Because of its family-friendly, relaxed atmosphere there are a number of other bistros, cafes and restaurants here that families frequent, such as Bam!, The Real Jerk and Green Eggplant.

After eating, families can keep strolling and take in some shopping thanks to the large number of local stores in the area. From antiques to quaint shops there’s a great deal of retail businesses residents support.

From The Lions Easter Parade to the Beaches International Jazz Festival this community also know how to bring people together for an event. Almost all are open to families and invite friends and neighborhoods to participate in art, cultural and creative celebrations.

Toronto is an incredible place for raising a family, with neighborhoods like The Beaches providing wonderful opportunities for adventure, play and family-friendly activities all year long.   

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