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Family Activities in Cliffside/Birchcliffe

Posted by Marcus on February 28, 2019
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As Toronto has gained in popularity and real estate prices have gone up, many residents have started exploring other options that are more family-friendly and easier on the budget. Cliffside and Birchcliffe were among the first neighbourhoods to feel the effects of urban sprawl, thanks to tree-lined streets and mix of housing options. Now these neighbourhoods are among Toronto’s best for raising a family and offer an abundance of activities for kids and adults alike to enjoy. An enormous part of the appeal is that both neighbourhoods are part of the Scarborough community, which means there’s no shortage of activities the whole family can enjoy.

Scarborough Bluffs

Thanks to the proximity of Scarborough Bluffs, both Cliffside and Birchcliffe have a number of parks and most are near the water. That means plenty of outdoor activities for families, ranging from just taking in views of the lake to launching a boat from Bluffer’s Park.  Other popular parks include Birchmount Park, Crescentwood Park, Harrison Properties, and the Rosetta McClain Garden, a well-kept park loved for its beauty and flowering plants. So, whether it’s a family bike ride or time for picnic, there are a lot of options to get out and enjoy some fresh air. The Waterfront Park Trail is an excellent place to start, giving 4 kms of stunning, continuous view of Lake Ontario along the way.

Naturally, the beaches are quite popular in the summer. Some are far more crowded than others though so planning a trip may mean going during non-peak hours or allowing for some extra time for parking.

Shopping and Dining

Cliffside Village has a myriad of shops and restaurants for families to select from, some local and some part of bigger chains. There are also new, eclectic businesses popping up regularly as the support for local business keeps growing.

Kingston Road has a number of shopping and dining opportunities for families to choose from, ranging from high end to second-hand. Barans is one popular family restaurant, serving epic kebabs and elegantly presented dinners sure to be an experience for kids.

Indoor Play

Within minutes, parents in Cliffside/Birchcliffe can locate an indoor playground like Planet Fun. With drop-in rates and lots of play space and structures, these indoor play areas give parents a break on cold, rainy and too-hot days when outdoor parks aren’t an option.

Festivals and Community Events

Scarborough has several well-loved festivals and community events that families flock to each year. Everyone can celebrate Canada Day – Scarborough Style in July. There’s also Tamil Fest, TO Fest and Scarborough Ribfest where families and friends come together to celebrate and interact.

Music, Art and Culture

The Theatre Scarborough is three production companies in one, which means there’s a little something for everyone throughout the year. The Scarborough Arts is a non-profit program that offers programs throughout the community, many of which are free. Of course, there are a number of pubs, restaurants and venues for music lovers to experience live music as well. For families trying to keep a budget, the Scarborough Philharmonic Orchestra works hard to make musical performances accessible and affordable for all.

More and more people are discovering how amazing Toronto is for raising a family.  Thanks to communities and neighbourhoods like Cliffside, Birchcliffe and Scarborough there’s plenty for families to do too.  

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