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Our unique background (business, entrepreneurship and marketing) enables us to determine the optimal Marketing Mix for your property.



The starting point to any Real Estate Marketing Plan is the MLS listing. We work hard to get every detail perfect, and ensure your property has an optimal presence on MLS. That’s only the beginning!


Target Market:

It’s important to define the future buyer of your home. We’ll put together a profile in terms of demographics, psycho-graphics, personality and try to understand what will make your home a fit for their unique and individual needs.


Our professional photography will capture a realistic but perfectly professional depiction of your home. We believe in “truth well told” – there’s no point in taking photos that make the living room look twice as big as it is. Our unique skill is the ability to highlight the desirable features of your home, while portraying it accurately. We build excitement but also trust!

Listing Price:

There is no “one size fits all” pricing strategy. Market conditions, seasonality, location, target market factors and even recent comparable examples all go into our recommendation for the listing price we recommend.

Virtual Reality:

Each of our virtual tours are virtual reality enabled – any prospective buyers who have access to VR Hardware can download the Virtual Realty version of your home’s Virtual Tour. This takes marketing to international investors to another level. Truly BOB.


For some properties, a digital presence is critical to gaining the optimal exposure to the target market, whereas other properties lend themselves to printed materials and traditional distribution methods. Regardless, we promote your property to the Target Market we’ve defined, and work hard to ensure the message about your home is communicated in a compelling manner. We tell your story, and make sure people hear!


3D Rendering/Virtual Tour:

We want out of town, international and buyers who aren’t able to visit your open house to experience your home. Our virtual tours are nearly as good as visiting in person!



It should seem obvious, but every property should have it’s own unique website. As your listing agent, we showcase your property in multiple mediums, but in 2018, a website presence is critical to your success.

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