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We’ll help you navigate the biggest financial decision of your life! Let us help reduce your fear of the process by walking you through every step; our in-house mortgage broker can show you how the financing process works and help get you the best rate possible; we can help ensure an adequate home inspection, budgeting and even help you understand the local school catchment areas!

Even if you’re not quite ready to buy, feel free to sit down with us and work out a play – we can keep you apprised of market conditions in your desired area, and help keep you focused on your goals.

Creativity counts when it comes to entering the Toronto real estate market; we can brainstorm creative ways to get you “into” the market: for example, buying a house with a basement apartment could provide an additional source of income, enabling you to save for future renovations or even your next upgrade.

BOB Realty is partnered with multiple contractors and builders; we can find undervalued properties that require minor cosmetic repairs, that cost a fraction of the “market value” of such repairs.

We’ll get you the BOB starter home in Toronto!


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