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Our BOB approach to buying blends analysis, curation and persistence.

We initially perform a thorough analysis of MLS listings and set up pre-defined searches to ensure we’re apprised of every new property that hits the market. On a daily basis, we monitor listings and curate, sending you only the listings that have been screened to meet your personal preferences.

Every search also includes in-market research: we represent your interests by going door-to-door in the neighbourhood you want to live in. Very often, we find your property before it is officially listed, and help you negotiate a fair price without the stress of competing against other buyers.

We don’t ever recommend a purchase until we’ve spoken to the neighbours – walked up and knocked on their door and made sure they’re someone you can live next to. Seems like an obvious step but it’s not.

We are literally the Bob. Did you hear that? We go door-to-door!


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